Tuesday, June 28, 2016

about me

Mommy, wife, and teacher of the gifted.....

I am a mommy to 2 handsome little boys. They are smart, energetic, and a little bit crazy. They are amazing at being teacher-kids, as though they were born for this lifestyle.

I am the wife to a handsome, hardworking man. We will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this fall.

And finally, Teacher... of the gifted. I didn't start here, I stared as coach, and then became a teacher. I kind of fell into teaching 9 years ago. My oldest was begin to walk, and talk, and I realized I didn't want to spend every night, and weekend on the soccer field. I feared I would miss to much. So I took a job at a local charter school. And very quickly fell in love with the profession of teaching.

While at the charter school I knew I needed to do everything I could to improve my resume, and experience, to eventually leave that school. The opportunity to work on my Gifted Certification presented itself. So I took it. After 3 years of taking classes part-time, I finished. But it wasn't for 3 more years until I would actually need that Certification.

Last summer, I was asked to take over the gifted first grade class at my school. I jumped at the chance. Not knowing what I was getting into. But soon found my newest calling.

So thats it... mommy, wife, teacher of the gifted, and now... blogger.

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